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Client Application

Joining JBF Team

JBF is here to serve you and provide the best services available for your given needs. We invite any potential clients to please contact us. You will receive a response within 24 hours and we will listen to what problems or needs you may have to help determined if our network can assist and alleviate your problems. Potential clients please email us and direct your inquiries to the email address listed below. Vendors, please fill out the vendor application, and one of our vendor team specialists will reach out to you. Our team at JBF is always looking for new clients and the potential for growth, and we have shown the ability to adapt to all situations at the drop of a dime. We are agile and willing to open markets as needed per client requests, and have proven in many instances that a new market can be opened by the JBF network within 30 days of request. If you are interested in joining the JBF's Team and partner up with us, please email us your information and a representative will contact you.

Mail:- info@jbf.bz