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What We Offer

JBF Real Property, INC. has an extended network of contractors in the Midwest, Northeast and Southeast. We offer light commercial repair services, residential REO Repair services, residential renovations and remodels, REO management and REO field services ranging from regularly scheduled REO Repair work to minor preservation needs.

We provide all services that the distressed mortgage repair industry must offer. Additionally, JBF is proud to offer disaster recovery along with hazard/insurance claims with our network contractors having the ability to assist in these areas of business.

We have directed our focus towards REO Repairs for Investors, hedgefunds as well as banks and Realtors. We also use our expertise to build relationships with national clients to be mobile and adapt to cover any areas where we are needed. Select your primary concern from the list below, read the detailed pages, and call us for a free project survey and cost proposal.

Property Preservation

We offer property preservation services,our nationwide network of representatives ensures that

REO Repair Services

JBF Real Property INC. is REO Repair experts with over 29 years in the REO industry

Hazard Insurance claims

We offer residential Home Renivations service ranging from regularly scheduled preservation work.


  • Home Renovation
  • Home Remodeling Additions
  • Rent Ready Remodeling
  • Turn-Key Renovations
  • Investor Rehab Experts
  • Volume Rental Rehab Potential
  • Property Preservation only on large scale with direct clients
  • Ability to open in new markets throughout the United States within 30 days
  • Agile and able to adapt on the fly

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