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Our Company History

JBF Real Property Inc was started in 2007 when the real estate market crashed and changed the lives of so many people across the United States. This is when in most of our lifetimes, that lives changed drastically and JBF was there to learn and help. This “Foreclosure Boom” was not only an opportunity to help our neighbors, but to help our incredible city of Chicago. We were servicing homes of one single REO Broker in Chicago, our home town and the true beginning of JBF and our involvement in our community trying to help by any and all means possible. We would spend time in some of the most diverse areas of Chicago boarding up homes, removing debris from the exterior of homes and interior to keep the homes looking good through what could be at times, considered an eyesore to the community. Our task was to ensure homes that JBF managed and oversaw were just like the neighbor’s home barring it being a Foreclosure. We took it personally then and do to this day.

This is what was our driving force with JBF was to clean up our streets 1 house at a time. Throughout that time JBF continued to grow slowly learning the do’s and don’ts of the industry and with business in general. We are now a premier, fully integrated General Contractor Network firm positioned to design, manage, oversee and provide services for public- and private-sector clients. We are a leader in all of the key markets that we serve.  Our GC’s are in the know on all local, state and federal codes with contracting on homes.

JBF and our entire team is a network of like-minded people with like-minded principles and goals. JBF has learned how to conduct business and live our lives with integrity. The growth of JBF speaks for itself. JBF started in Cook County, IL and now operates in parts if not all of 16 states and growing. Not only growing into new states and markets, but always building our current network and our current service areas to ensure to always have the best network possible for our clients to dip into. We are honest, we keep our word, are transparent and adhere to the life of Integrity.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to lead the service industry, to help improve the lifestyle of everyone around us in business. We are truly committed to our principles and adhering integrity to everything we touch. We are taking the industry over 1 home, 1 relationship and 1 day at a time.


Our Core Values




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